Thanks UK for an awesome week!

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I would like to thank my brothers and sisters across the pond for their support of my book this week.  Fully a quarter of my book downloads were from the Isles.  JW Kurtz sends his tremendous appreciation from the Colonies.



P.S. – Know that I am hard at work on a novella set in the Captured Galaxy Series.  I want to put something out in the same universe as fast as possible as a way to show my appreciation to all those who have shown interest by downloading the first book.  Hopefully this can be done in the next 6-8 weeks…but no promises!  I have a day job that keeps me VERY busy!


Thanks first UK customer!

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Thanks first UK customer and cheers!  Greatly appreciated!  How exciting…someone 4,600-ish miles away instantly reading something published just yesterday!   Hope you enjoy and are ready for more.  May the Cross of Saint Andrew, Cross of Saint Patrick, and the Cross of Saint George protect you.  God save the Queen!  


Prince Charles Cheers