Star Wars Episode VII Guessifications (UPDATED)

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As I was walking my wookie this morning (my dog Jack who we call “wookie”) I was thinking about the upcoming Episode VII of the Star Wars franchise.  I think about Star Wars often.  I even watched the best of the first 6 (I have to include the terrible terrible terrible prequels in the 6 I guess) as recently as last night; The Empire Strikes Back.  Even the sometimes glaring silliness of that movie such as Fett and Slave I not being spotted in the rear view mirror by Han, who is an experienced smuggler who is always on the lookout for “the man,” as he jetted away from the dumped trash after the star destroyer departed.  There are several others but that isn’t what this post is about.

And getting to it…


My first guessification (aka prediction) is that because the Star Wars movies always start with a starship shot, of the craft arriving somewhere – Abrams better not mess with this tradition!!! – the first thing we will all see in Episode VII is…the Millennium Falcon.  I believe that seeing the Falcon, for the first time in more than 30-years!!!!, folks will stand and cheer (with me among them despite not being a “cheery” kinda guy).  This will go a long way towards setting the tone for the new series.  A tone that was last set by leaving the audience with mouths agape at the end of Episode I when folks were trying to come to terms with such a terrible terrible terrible opening for what would be one of the worst trilogies of all time.

Stay tuned for more guessifications as the inspiration strikes.

UPDATED:  So I predicted (guessified) that Episode VII – The Force Awakens (kinda a silly name?? maybe??) will start with a ship traveling/arriving.  Now, more specifically I would like to speculate just what that ship is.  What was missing in the prequels?  Well, an awful lot as we all know, but what I noticed as missing from the theaters was excitement and cheering.  Of coruse there was cheering for those folks that bought tickets months in advance or stood in line all day to get to a midnight showing.  That sort of excitement is expected for such a franchise and its loving followers.  Some of those that saw the prequels the first day probably thought Jar-jar was “fun”…to avoid a tangent I’ll get to the point.  Finally.  That ship we’ll see zooming from an underneath shot will be…the Millennium Falcon of course!  What better craft to bring everyone to their feet in excitement?  There’s your update.