Homeschooling in a school?

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Is it really “homeschooling” if it is held in a school?  I wonder sometimes if these things are thought through entirely.  So, if you are against sending your kids to public school, and I have absolutely NO problem with that, why are people OK with sending them to what is in fact a public school? Is it because the program will start operation at the start of summer vacation and the thought is that it isn’t a public school then? Is it because it is in a closed building that was a school for years but now by calling it a “home-school-school” changes that?  If it is in a school building, funded by public funds, and curriculum is developed and supervised by a principal it is NOT home-school.  It is public school.  Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, right?  Maybe folks feel better about it because it is a prettier pig.

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