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This will be brief.

I only wanted to share that besides the Sigma Draconis sci-fi project and The Bellerophon: Ambush related novella, I will also begin work on a short novel in honor of my dog Sasha who passed away this past weekend.  Upon her departure she left me with a final gift: inspiration.  I miss her very, very much (just going through the motions at work right now) and I hope to honor her memory with a story that will be lasting.  This will be a YA/Sci-Fi story concerning the loss of a beloved pet.

The Sasha!
The Sasha!

If you love golden retrievers…you’ll understand PLUS Writing updates

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Author Updates:  SEE BELOW

This is a notice for any of those dog lovers out there that read my posts to please be aware that this one may be kinda sad.  I’ve been off my daily writing goal for some time.  The reason is that one of my dogs, a 5-year old golden retriever named Sasha, has been battling an autoimmune disorder since Labor Day.  A couple trips to emergency vet hospitals, a couple weeks of hospital stays, and weekly blood testing and therapies have not solved the issue.  Her last prognosis (received yesterday when I picked her up from the specialist ER in Seattle) was “Guarded to Poor.”  Fingers crossed and trying to stay positive is all that is left.  She has a chance but it will take weeks to months for her to recover if at all.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to get pet insurance for her because all I can say is her name should be spelled $a$ha as the dollar signs are completely appropriate.  In truth there should maybe be another dollar sign in her name.  Please know that I am still finding time to get some writing done be it in the morning before work, after work as soon as I get home, on the weekends as much as I can between chores that have to get done, and even while in the shower…I won’t go into the details on that one.  Thanks for the continued support through the downloads and fantastic reviews that are both thoughtful and constructive.  It helps tremendously.  And thanks in advance for the positive thoughts for Sasha.  She’s just a fantastic girl.  My wife and I love her very, very much.

UPDATE:  It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of my little girl, Sasha.  She put up a valiant fight but the deck was stacked against her.  The night of the 15th and into the morning of the 16th of November there was a battle fought and lost.  She was brave and as strong as she could be but on the morning of the 16th it was time.  We said our goodbye, held her paw, and watched her drift off.  The tears are heavy and will continue to be so for some time.  I miss my girl oh so very much.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  We were lucky to have her in our life.  We only wish that it could be for just but one more day.

Sasha age 1

Update:  Sigma Draconis

Still working hard on this project.  Or trying to.  The illness of Sasha has kept me from this project and I am okay with this.  Very okay because she is so very much worth it.

I’m 54k-words in and I feel it’s coming along.  Wish I had an extra day a week to get this done sooner for everyone.  I took a personal day last week to write and another one the week before that.  Gonna run out of personal and sick days if I’m not careful but I FAR ENJOY WRITING much more than what I do during my regular work day.  FAR, FAR MORE!  A note on SD: if you’re looking for a blow-it-up-explosion-a-second ride…this is just a little different book than my first work for Kindle.  This has a more thorough explanation of the colonial system, corporate future of space, and characterization of the various actors.  Yes there is action.  Yes there is ancient alien stuff.  Yes there is adult language.  And yes it will be longer than The Bellerophon: Ambush.  I hope people enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying the writing of it.

 Update: Captive Galaxy Novella

Sitting at about 4K words on this.  I hope to have this in the 20-40K range and released ASAP.  Kinda a wide range I know but I’m letting it go where it needs to go.  If it’s 20K words then it’s 20K.  I’m not going to needlessly lengthen or shorten it.  It knows what it needs to be and I am just the tour guide of the exhibit.  This novel is more in line with The Bellerophon: Ambush in regards to being a more fast-paced military science fiction work.  Super fun to write it is.  It is written in the first person and is more space marine-ish.  It’s also warming me up for the direct sequel to TB:A because there will be some first person parts in there regarding a discovered journal.  When I put out this Novella it will be released singly and as part of an updated TB:A combined release.

Stay tuned for more updates and more film reviews.  While on sick-dog-watch-duty I get to watch a lot of movies and I really enjoy writing those reviews.  I’m glad folks liked my last one on Snowpiercer.

Thanks for the support and as always…

To!  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To! KindleUnlimited friendly!