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Drone nearly hits airliner in March…and we hear about it now?!

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Drone Hunting

So how much will the first lawsuit payout be for a death caused by a drone colliding with a passenger jet?  I’m trying to picture the line of lawyers chomping at the bit to take that case.  Well, no I’m not really picturing a line of lawyers as that would make me nervous.  Lawyers are scarier than the throngs of the undead feasting on brains (would that leave lawyers untouched I wonder – wait zombies are after brains not hearts!).  SO in March a drone almost collided with a passenger jet.  Do drones have to file flight plans?  Do all operators of drones have to go through flight schools like pilots of passenger craft?  Do drones have to have lights, transponders, black boxes, mandatory maintenance and all the other safety features required so that those suckers don’t fall from the skies to crush soccer moms in their SUVs on the way to Chucky Cheese?  This will be a very interesting topic that will continue to develop through the years.  By the way, I love the Colorado town that allows you to hunts drones with a license.  Well done!

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