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Thanks for the Downloads, oh…and Pizza in Portland!

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Still going strong my brother and sister readers and writers!  Thanks for giving my book a look.

Currently there are 2,947,025 e-books on  And The Bellerophon: Ambush is:

I’m writing more stuff as fast as I can.  Tough to get my words in while I’m trying to teach the 6th grade especially when…don’t get me rambling about that!  Anyway…I’m done with Act 1 of Sigma Draconis (FIB ALERT!).  Okay…half a chapter left and then the draft of Act 1 of 3 is done but I’m over 40K words now so it’s looking like a book kinda!  I’ll also be devoting a day a week (I write 7-days a week I do) to working on a novella to get something in the 15-30K realm done before Christmas.  I’m afraid to really get into this though because that was how Sigma D. started!

If you haven’t already downloaded a copy…here you go.  Help a starving teacher transition into the role of a full-time starving writer.  Shameless I know.

Book 1 in the Captive Galaxy Series. Kindle.
Book 1 in the Captive Galaxy Series. Kindle.

Thanks to all my friends in the UK, Australia, and Canada for buying quite a few copies of my work.  Hope you continue to enjoy and tell your friends!

Also, that new cover for The Bellerophon: Ambush is inbound from Portland area artist Kevin Reynolds.  Who, besides being an extremely talented and creative individual, operates Via Chicago which, if you want some good pizza and craft beer (and much more), it’s the place to be in the Rose City.