Lots of writing and it’s driving me crazy!

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Sigma Draconis update:

Sigma Draconis threatens to end me, I swear it!  I’m about 55K into the story and it wants, calls, to be split into a two parter!  This was a project that originally started as a novella mind you so perhaps you can understand my trepidation and concern.  Well…it’ll get done for no other reason than I’m super excited to begin my other projects.  I really wish this is what I did full-time!

Novella update:  I’m aiming for 30K with this one.  A fast, fun, and exciting piece centered around one of the characters of my first book.  It’s coming together.  I hope to have this one done soon before Christmas and then Sigma early into the New Year.  If I could devote the time I want, that it deserves, to this project I’d already be done!  It is what it is…

Thanks to all those that have supported me by downloading my first novel.  I hope to get more out to you soon!

To!  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To! KindleUnlimited friendly!



Call me Hasselhoff.

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Big day for me in Germany today.  Lots taking advantage of the last day of free book downloads.  Enjoy!

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