ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Alien – Covenant Trailer

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How long have we waited?  Too long.  Be careful…I think this trailer has a fair amount of spoilers.  You cannot entirely put together the plot point by point BUT you see some characters expire and the means of their expiration.  Very happy they are going with a hard R rating for this.  Image result for alien covenant Alien: Covenant trailer

I must confess…this is the bloodiest trailer I’ve ever seen outside the buckets of blood stuff from the 80s and 90s with Freddy and Jason etc.

Top 3-Movies

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This isn’t quite a review as this post is categorized.  I think it is important however that any further posts in the review section by me have a baseline for what I feel is a great film.  The following three films I give an “11.”  Why not make 10 the highest number?  I won’t get into that.  The highest number is 11.  If you don’t get that reference then you shouldn’t be reading this blog.


Top 3 Films:

3:  SeVen

2: Fight Club

1: Alien

Alien 1979

I will let the few that view this blog think about those three for a bit.  Perhaps stew as to why someone would rank them as their top three.  Later I will come back to this post and argue why but until then, cheers!