It is opening day for MLB…all is well with the world!

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There is just something right about opening day baseball.  Put aside all the troubles in the world, at work, strife with friends and family.  Take a breath.  It’s baseball.  Happy days are here.

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Mariners are Relevant in Game 162!

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Who would have thunk that that Mariners would matter on a Sunday deep enough in the NFL season that they would be the Seattle team to watch?  And not just because the ‘Hawks are on a bye.  Wow!  They should have wrapped up a playoff spot a week ago but that collapse only to be followed by this 3-game rally!  Wow!


What a joke. Shame on you NFL.

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Total garbage. You smoke weed (legal in two states despite the foolishness of that) and you miss four games or more. You KNOCK out a woman and you miss two games. Way to go NFL. Shame on you. Great message.

Shame on you NFL and Goodell

When do you get on a bandwagon?

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So when do you jump on the bandwagon for the Seattle Mariners?  Is it now when the are .500 at the 30-game point? Is it when they are in the playoffs (sorry I just blacked out for a second there)?  Or is it if they are relevant after the All-Star Break (or as I like to call it The Professional Popularity Contest: July Edition)?  This is the year pitchers are going down left and right.  The Mariners have suffered through this malady to start the year but so has just about every other team in baseball.  Perhaps the Mariners can take advantage of the walking wounded plague, eh?  Let’s wait and see.  In my opinion it will be the Mariners offense, and not their pitching, that will be the deciding factor this year.  I know that isn’t a crazy notion as they have had the WORST offense in baseball (historically so) over the last couple years but yeah…that is all for now regarding the offense issue.  I’m solidly on the bandwagon but only because I have been duct taped too it by my own stubborn self.