Month: August 2016

Book 2 has been released!

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I previously posted that I’d pushed the old “submit” button to send all my words saved as binary 1’s and 0’s to travel through the magical ethereal plane to the Amazon servers to then (hopefully) be summoned by kindles aplenty.  If you have Kindle Unlimited you can borrow it for free ( pay a monthly subscription for it so it’s not exactly free) or if you have the $2.99 to spare, it is but a click or two away.


The Bellerophon Flight

I hope my readers patiently (perhaps impatiently) waiting for this second installment enjoy the read.  And please know that I am working on further stories to add to the series.  Thanks and tell your friends!




Yep… I pushed the “submit” button.

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As is becoming my tradition prior to returning to work in our wonderful public school system (sarcasm?) I have uploaded my most recent work (Book 2 The Bellerophon: Flight) to Amazon.  Sure it was done months ago…maybe…but I dragged my feet.  Why?  Because even just one download makes my entire day and gives me something to look forward besides the final bell so I wanted to stall until school was starting back up again.

Hope you like it.  Please give it a review and rating if you have the chance.  If you want to pick up the first book it will be on sale starting on August 25.  I’ll post some updates, cover art, etc. as this all moves forward.

I’m tired…