Update: NOT talking about Russia, the continued slow death of the Constitution, or UC Irvin. Nope all about Sci-Fi!

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An update for those that enjoy my updates.  And for those that don’t…well whatever then.  This update is about my writing and has nothing to do with the Russian assassination of a critic of dictator Putin or the attack on the US Constitution by those sworn to uphold it nor will I go into detail about my thoughts on the UC Irvin banning of the American Flag (at least until these future leaders of the “free world” realized they’d lose their funding and loans if they followed through with it).  I must share that there’s a reason why I write science fiction and I study the past…it’s because the “now” kinda sucks.  We are far, far from the Greatest Generation it shames me to say.  Oh well I suppose the Earth Abides (my second favorite book of all time – check it out!).

To Amazon.com US Store  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To Amazon.com US Store KindleUnlimited friendly!
To Amazon.com UK Store  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To Amazon.com UK Store KindleUnlimited friendly!

My writing projects have been slowed by work.  I wish I could devote more time to them but in teaching 4 of 6 classes that are outside my specialty (or any type of training) I find I’m pretty busy during waking hours.  Trust though that I am still working on the sequel to The Bellerophon: Ambush.  The first 3 chapters are done and the majority of the book has a very detailed chapter by chapter draft/plan in place.  Just need time to do it all!  And I’m also busily putting together other outlines as well.  I’m good for the next 10 years of writing I think, now if I could spend any of those 10 years actually writing I’d be good to go I think!  Don’t worry.  I’ll have the sequel done going into the summer.  I can tell those of you who have followed my writing that this next book will be far more entertaining than the first.  Promise!



P.S. Reviews/rating are welcome!

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