Month: January 2015

The Bellerophon: Ambush 2nd edition is now live!

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To!  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To! KindleUnlimited friendly!

I’m happy to announce that my book, The Bellerophon: Ambush, has gone live…again, but this time as a heavily updated 2nd edition.  I’ve asked Amazon to push the updated version so that readers who previously downloaded a copy will have in their possession a greatly improved version complete with 4-5 thousand additional words of content as well as many (too many!) resolved grammatical issues.  Also, the timeline has been moved to the end of the book as a final chapter under the heading “REFERENCE.” Previously the timeline was at the beginning of the book.   Some loved it.  Too many didn’t.  I’ve also included a short excerpt from my upcoming work Sigma Draconis which can be found after the timeline.  Thanks for the continued support from my readership and the patience while I prepared this 2nd edition.  It’s been a journey to say the least!


To UK Store  KindleUnlimited friendly!
To UK Store