Writing update, The Bellerophon 2nd edition update, etc.

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J.W. Kurtz update.

I’ve been writing and editing like mad.  Recently I pulled my book from Amazon for a short hiatus as I do some heavy re-editing.  I hope to have the 2nd edition out by then end of January.  I’m about 80% done with this renovation project.  I can promise you this…IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER than the 1st edition plus it will have a snippet of my 2nd book.  I’ll update, tweet, post like crazy when edition 2 is done.  I miss checking the Amazon Authors page daily!

My second book, Sigma Draconis, and just where exactly am I on that?  I’m nearly at 80K-words.  I would say I’m well over halfway through the first draft.  Maybe a little more.  Maybe a little less.  I hope to have it out by the middle of the spring.  I wish writing was my fulltime job but it isn’t…for now.  The sequel to my first book will be started in earnest the day after I finish Sigma D.

In the meantime I hope to post some more movie/show reviews soon.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for checking-in.



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