Thanks Readers for a Great October

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October has been awesome!  Thanks!  This has really driven me to continue working hard.  Reviews are coming in and The Bellerophon: Ambush has been enjoyed by many.  Please, if you have read about the ‘Belle and her crew, and had fun doing so, please rate and write a review on  I’m busy on another work set in the same universe AND I’m about to begin a novella featuring one of the characters from the first book.  Exciting times!

If you like a story that features fast-paced future combat with power armor, plasma weapons, sarcastic characters, and a building mystery involving an ancient race of technologically advances alien life, then this is the book and series to catch.  This is the first book in a series that will include multiple sequels, spin-offs (SEE: upcoming novel Sigma Draconis), and novellas featuring some of the more interesting characters on the privateer Bellerophon.

KindleUnlimited Friendly!

Book 1 in the Captive Galaxy Series. Kindle.
Book 1 in the Captive Galaxy Series. Kindle.



P.S. Updated custom cover from artist Kevin Reynolds coming soon.

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