Hope people continue to enjoy The Bellerophon: Ambush. Writing update Sigma Draconis.

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Thanks to all the people out there reading and hopefully enjoying The Bellerophon: Ambush (Book 1).  The last 3-4 days have been tremendous.  Downloads have been triple what they were before.  Glad folks are spreading the word.  Being in the Top 100 for the past week in three sub-categories has been…awesome!

Writing updates:  Tinkering with an idea and Sigma Draconis.

I’m tinkering with the idea of actually writing a novella while working on my current novel length project Sigma Draconis.  Why?  Well, because I started Sigma with the intent of writing a short novella to get more entertainment out there quickly for all the folks that have been reading my first book.  Then disaster (???) when Sigma took on a life of it’s own and now 40K words later I’m done with the first of what looks to be 3 acts.  I’ve rightfully allowed Sigma to go where it needed to and thusly it looks to be a larger piece of work than The Bellerophone: Ambush which is kinda scary when I look at the editing and proofing that will then be involved.  Yikes!  So in the meantime I may find a moment or two here and there to write a short novella about some of the characters from my first book.  Some quick action stuff that gives depth to some of the more interesting characters in the first book.  Stay tuned fans!

To Amazon.com and The Bellerophon: Ambush.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy for yourself or a friend yet…click the link above.




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