Finally!!! Revised Draft Complete!

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Revised draft for book 1 completed.  Tired.  So very tired.  For those out there that have never written a book…yeah it’s not that easy I have found.  Ideas?  Easy enough.  Outline and legend building?  Fun enough.  Writing the first draft?  Fun AND a cathartic release.  Revising?  I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…well not true.  I would.  I’m mean and vindictive like that actually.  

The first excerpt I will post (probably tomorrow) will be the timeline which in the book itself will be in a space between the Table of Contents and the first chapter.  Something like a Prologue but it will be easily skipped over for those that want to get to the story.  Quickly skipping is something e-books excel at which is why it is my chosen medium.

By the way…it’s a pulp-science-fiction-space-opera type book/series.  I plan to put a new one out every 3-5 months.  Hopefully fun and fast to read.

Excerpts tomorrow.

Vacation and rest on Sunday.

Book 2 starts in earnest on Monday!



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