What does “donation” mean?

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Duh        While writing and listening to Pandora this morning a commercial eventually played between songs on my Hans Zimmer station.  Yes.  Hans Zimmer.  John Williams wishes he was Hans ZImmer.  Anyway…the young lady on the commercial was sharing just how awesome it is to donate blood and plasma.  No argument from me on that.  It’s a worthwhile thing to do.  The gal went on to say that she’s so very happy “donating” and that the $40 she gets paid to do it…slow your roll right there!  So, do the people that write these adds know what the definition of “donating” is?  If you are paid forty bones for your blood you are SELLING your blood.  There is no giving or donating.  This is a transaction where you are being remunerated for goods or services.  Did the definition of the word change and I simply didn’t get the memo because it went to my spam box by accident?  That must be it.  Crisis averted I suppose.

I guess I’m a little jealous.  How does one get a job where they get to write and not actually know what the words mean that they use?  I’m available and willing to forget everything I’ve ever learned.  I shall commence in killing my brain cells immediately to get a head start on this new line of work.

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