A couple of Sunday movies: Non-Stop and Terminator 2

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Yesterday afternoon after the Mariners game (another 1-0 loss after a leadoff solo homerun by the Orioles of course) I decided to watch a couple movies. The first movie I watched was the recent Liam Neeson flick Non-Stop. I won’t go into a long review for that one…as it doesn’t really warrant much of a look. If you are prepared for a rather lame climax then it’s for you. The bad guy is pretty weak, the tension is weak, and much of the acting is just plain weak. Julianne Moore offers nothing and the actress that plays the lead stewardess (I know they are supposed to be called Stewards…but I won’t) offers only a black whole of screen time. Thankfully, if you subtract the credits, the whole movie is only just over an hour and a half. I would have shut it off if it had been longer, which would have been difficult as Neeson is one of my favorite actors. If there’s nothing else to do…maybe watch it or watch paint dry. Same difference.

Onward as this post isn’t about the movie Non-Stop. The second movie I watched yesterday was Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Why? Of all the blu-rays sitting on the shelf and all the items on my watch list on Netflix and Amazon Prime, why was this the movie that called my name as I sat there drinking beer and loading magazines preparing for the target range trip the following day (today)? I don’t know. Maybe it was the chip in my brain. Into the PS3 it went and I began to ask myself after more than two decades since T2 was released will it still hold up? I would have to say “kinda.” The special effects are rather dated in the special effect era we “enjoy” today. The plot wholes are numerous. And the actions by the characters are downright foolish at times. They are trying to save humanity and yet…the crew seems to be trying their best to do the opposite. If the John Connor portrayed in this movie is the same one that grows up and is the beacon of light…I would rather close my eyes and stay in the dark. What REALLY stands out after twenty something years is that the acting is TERRIBLE. All away around the acting was just bad bad bad. Robert Patrick was probably the best because he had to act wooden which isn’t hard to do because that is usually called “bad acting.” It must have been really easy to direct such a performance. The second best work in the film was Arnold who thankfully only had a few lines and again, being a machine, he only had to act wooden and goofy at times to get an easy smile from the audience. The acting of Linda Hamilton, who director James Cameron tried to get an Oscar nomination for, was a constant whining affair.

T2 Poster

I wanted to watch the movie with the volume off and the subtitles on because she was awful to listen to. Edward Furlong…I think he needs to thank that little kid that played Anakin in Star Wars the Phantom Menace for coming along because without little Jake Lloyd there, Edward Furlong would sit alone as perhaps owning the worst child acting performance of the last half century. Harsh words? Watch the movie and try to enjoy his work. Wow. Even the 6th beer of the afternoon couldn’t make him watchable. I’ll take the original Terminator any day of the week.

Trivia: I did notice some new trivia while watching T2 that had not previously been noted in the IMDB trivia section. The two detectives that question Sarah Connor in the asylum are named “Mossberg” and “Weatherby” respectively. Never noticed this before. Both Mossberg and Weatherby are major manufactures of firearms famous for their shotguns, and since James Cameron went to great lengths to provide a signature weapon for Arnold in the movie (a 10-gauge Winchester 1887 shotgun) I can only assume this was very purposeful on the part of the director who must have had a thing for shotguns at the time.


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