Writing Update…long time in coming.

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Bradbury sci fi quote

Yeah…been a long time.  A long long time since my last post.  Been very busy.  I was working on a project and was unhappy how it was going.  I was approximately a third of the way through this wonderful project when I decided that I needed a new introduction.  Something brief.  Maybe 2-3,000 words.  Yeah.  That didn’t work.  Approximately a month and 30,000 words later the “brief” introduction had grown into a book of its own.  Good news is that now I have a starting point that I am happy with.  Bad news is that I really didn’t like the 25K worth of words I had put together for the original project so I’m keeping the larger idea and most of the idea behind the Unnamed Project #2 but I’m tossing most of the writing.  I should be able to get the drafts for project 1 and 2 over the next two months and then off to revision land and the outline for project 3 which will complete the first trilogy of what will be a much larger universe of continuing stories.  Been busy…but just not busy updating this blog.

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