The Ukraine, Syria, and Tax $$$

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Is it scarier that chemical weapons are apparently still being used in Syria, either in the field or as leverage, or should the world be more afraid that Ukrainian military helicopters are being swatted from the skies by man-portable shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles in an ever escalating state of affairs?  Both carry pretty serious short term and long term concerns.  Just what are the options before the world?  Do they sit back and continue to do little about both hotbeds of conflict?  How about more useless sanctions so that the world can feel better about itself in that they are doing something?  It is important to build international self-esteem afterall.

Resolving the conflict in the Ukraine in the traditional manner of “boots on the ground” is extremely dangerous as it would only exacerbate the situation beneath the nuclear umbrella of Russia.  Would “boots on the ground” in Syria stop the threat of the continued use of chemical weapons in that conflict?  Sure, most likely it would, but the Syrian conflict is so muddled that knowing who is right and who is wrong is a particular challenge.  Deciding who is right and who is wrong in that conflict depends on the day of the week as both sides are apparently committing some pretty heinous acts as they strive for victory.  It does not appear the “rebels” are the ones using the chemical weapons but it needs to be known that they are no innocent angels.

Regardless of the outcome in either theatre, it should be well known at this point in history that the United States will attempt to solve these and future issues by throwing US tax-payer money at the situation.  I wonder where the billion dollars that Secretary of State Kerry gave the Ukraine two months ago really goes.  Does it go to feeding starving children and building schools or does it go to the folks at the top to buy shiny new cars and retreats in other countries so they have a place to go in their shiny new cars when the Ukraine inevitably falls?  The way the federal government gives tax dollars away it is a good thing they are tax exempt because one day they would have to draw money from their own coffers and not from the pockets of the rest of the country.



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