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So how does one start their very first blog?  How about an introduction to what they are blogging and the reason why others should care.  Sounds like a plan, eh?

This blog will be multifaceted.  I will scribe notes, observations, roadblocks, and successes in regards to my writing  and story telling as I move forward with projects big and small.  It is my hope and desire to publish works in the e-book realm soon (think Amazon Kindle etc.)

I am also interested in history, politics, and the world around me so be prepared for my observations on those topics.  Understand that my views are my own and are not meant to be offensive.  If they are offensive please remember that you are a human being capable of independent thought.  If the stove is hot, don’t touch it.  If the post is offensive, don’t read that post (but please read some of my others!).  Also know that Jack W. Kurtz is a pseudonym.  This pseudonym is in use not because I am afraid to stand behind my personal views rather it is to make my day job survivable…the bills are currently paid with my work as a teacher and thinking outside the establishment in that profession is dangerous.  Dangerous indeed!


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